Publication (Nov 2013): The more parasites, the better? Commentary in Science

Travel (Nov - Dec 2013):  Back to Africa, pilot camera trap study to look for Golden Cat in Ghana, thanks Panthera!

Conference (Oct 2013): Won best presentation in Life Sciences ***Undergraduate mentee, Ridhima Vemula, presenting our work on ectoparasite composition in small mammals among protected areas at SACNAS conference

Publication (Sept 2013): Ectoparasites of iconic conservation species, black footed ferret in Journal of Wildlife Diseases

Publication (Aug 2013): Consequences of species loss for human health in Proceedings of the Royal Society of London


 All ecologists embrace our dual identities as perpetual learners and explorers. Here, obsession and attention deficit disorder is acceptable. Our ambitious curiosities lead us to investigate distant lands, intestinal tracks, tree canopies, armpits, seafloors and more - all in a thrilling pursuit of some question.  Sometimes we find the "answer" and sometimes find more questions.  Nonetheless, gaining information along the journey.  Join me by visiting the field notes page for highlights of recent excursions.


"Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education" 

~Martin Luther King Jr.